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About Royal Construction, INC.

Royal Construction Inc. is a commercial construction company serving west-central Wisconsin. With over 50 years of experience we have earned our reputation for quality construction. Our project leaders utilize decades of field experience and key relationships to ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget. Our goal is to make your building experience an easy and enjoyable process. Every project we work on is fully backed with the complete support of the entire Royal Construction team!

Royal Construction stands behind YOU!

Company History

Royal Construction, Inc. has earned a solid reputation for quality construction. As we continue our growth we also practice a client-focused work ethic. Every project we do starts and ends with the client's concept in mind. Today, we've earned a reputation as the area's design build specialists.

  • The beginning

    Jerry Pabich opens Pabich Homes, Inc., a custom home building business. Over the years, Tim Pabich, Jerry's son, finishes his education in Industrial Technology and Building Construction at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and begins a career in industrial and commercial construction.

  • Tim Pabich joins the team

    Tim Pabich returns to the area and becomes part owner with his father and brother, Bill. A name change is necessary as the primary focus for Pabich Homes is no longer going to be in custom built homes. Royal Construction is created, and the transition into commercial construction begins.

  • Leadership Changes

    Tim buys out his brother and father; Bill is still with Royal Construction as Safety Director and Finish Work Supervisor. Tim brings Tim Olson on board as Secretary/Treasurer. Tim Olson holds an MBA in Business Administration from UW-Eau Claire and is a Certified Public Accountant. Tim has an extensive career in the finance industry. Tim Olson offers a great balance to Tim Pabich's construction background. Also that year, Tim and Tim create Arrowhead Properties to buy and develop commercial, multi-family and condominium projects.

  • Change of Plans

    "The Tim's" (as we affectionately refer to them) focus all of Royal Construction’s efforts into commercial and industrial construction.

  • New Shareholders

    "The Tim's" are proud to welcome Jim Bunkelman, Jeff Olson, and Brian Bessinger to the ownership team as minority shareholders.

  • New Executive Leadership Team

    Jim Bunkelman is named President and CEO, Jeff Olson is named CFO and Secretary/Treasurer, and Brian Bessinger is named Vice President. Tim Pabich and Tim Olson assume new roles as Vice Presidents of Project Development. The Tim's also continue to develop commercial properties in partnership under their other development company, Arrowhead Properties.

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